Cricket Revolution World Cup 2011

Download Cricket Revolution World Cup 2011 Full PC Game.  Stimulate concentration and mind games to win. Self-developed game focuses on multiplayer gameplay based on high adreantine cricket sport. 2011 World Cup Cricket Revolution Features unique gameplay with exciting action on server PvP gaming community online chat rooms with friends and multiplayer online games Fully night action motion capture and lighting changes to the ballpark, Statdiums Orignal and injured drummer uninsured in padded envelopes. Download Cricket Revolution World Cup 2011 Full PC Game.
Multiplayer play knockout on the basis of evaluations unlock filed, play rankings and rankings multiplayer LAN Connect Offline League's knock-out and exhibition games against teams complete IT team and individual players for certain gameplay abilityto field captaincywith up strategic defensive players anywhere on the field and own bowling and batting practice model again.




Link Download:
|| Download part 01
|| Download part 02 

- System : Pentium 4 CPU 1.7 GHZ .
- RAM : 512 MB .
- Video Memory : 64 MB .
- Size : 636 MB .
- Windows : Windows XP WIndows Vista / 7 . 

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