Download The Addams Family For Symbian. Good morning , met again with admind ghan24 . NDeselecting already long game update , now admind for Symbian games . This game including the best-selling games for hp symbian know. Below will be in jelasin review the game . Six video game released 1989-1994 based on The Addams Family . Fester Quest (1989 ) is a top-down shooter featuring Uncle Fester .

Download Tha Addams Family For Symbian

Download The Addams Family For Symbian. The Addams Family platformer released for the Nintendo Entertainment System , Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy , with later ports for the Sega Genesis ( based on the Super NES version ) , Master System and Game Gear ( both based on the NES version but with different graphics ) , TurboGrafx - CD ( developed separately ) and the ZX Spectrum , these games , released by Ocean Software ( Flying Edge cases Sega console port ) ( ICOM Simulations for the TurboGrafx version - CD ) , is based on the first film rather than a TV series or cartoon . The sequel to the game ' , The Addams Family : Pugsley the Scavenger Hunt (1993 ) , also by Ocean Software based on the ABC animated series and was released for the Super NES , NES and Game Boy ( although the latter two only 8 - bit remakes of the first SNES game , swapping Pugsley and Gomez's roles ) . Addams Family Values ​​(1994 ) by Ocean was based on the movie sequel and returned to the style of gameplay seen in Fester original Quest .

A Game Boy Color game released in 1990 for the promotion of " The New Addams Family . " This game is simply titled , " The New Addams Family Series . "

A pinball game by Midway ( under the Bally label ) was released in 1992 shortly after the movie . This solves the previous sales record by selling more than 20,000 units .

Download Tha Addams Family For Symbian

Download Tha Addams Family For Symbian

Download Tha Addams Family For Symbian

[ Review written by reggie ]
The Addams Family is a platform game based on the characters and settings from the movie ( which , in turn , is based on the famous series of 1960s television ) .

The game takes place towards the end of the movie : the Addams Family has been evicted from their home by a court order issued by the prosecutor 's betrayal ( there is one for the books ) , Tully Alford . Even worse , other Addamses : Morticia , Pugsley , Wednesday , Granny and the difficulty has been lost .

As Gomez , you must tour the Addams house looking for missing family , battling out mysterious monsters and avoid traps , and eventually face your enemy , Tully .

Download The Addams Family For Symbian. An evil lawyer has thrown the Addams family out of their home and are planning to take their wealth . However , the family ( except for depressed Gomez ) returns home to reason with a lawyer . When Gomez locked out of the funk and finally arrives , his family lost . You control the patriarch of the Addams ' house while he searched for his family and try to save their money . He must run and jump through levels filled with enemies who will do anything to see that Gomez did not find his family . But thanks to the reliable bow and some arrows , throwing interference very easily . There are also some power - ups available that will help Gomez , including extra health and free lives . It's up to you to help Gomez save his family and their homes in The Addams Family.

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