Download Game Commandos 3 Destination Berlin Full Version 

Download Game Commandos 3 Destination Berlin Full Version. Good morning , we meet again with me . here I want to share a pc game that already had been buried but nonetheless still remember the memories .

When you expect a larger than life adventures of super commando squad of World War II , and Commandos 3 delivers: Central Berlin , a bombed - out Stalingrad , a train packed with stolen art work , and the beaches of Normandy all on the menu . Nothing pedestrian about such assignments , and all 10 mission locations are as tough as they are easy to remember . Given that you can not adjust the level of difficulty , even get through a single mission can require a lot of patience and judicious use of quicksaves as well as stealth and tactical thinking . Unfortunately , Commandos 3 has not gained much ground on its predecessors , and those new to the series may have trouble getting past the interface , the locked 800x600 resolution , or many moments of frustration that every player will certainly experience . However, the high level of challenge the game can lead to some proportionally satisfying victories against all odds .
Download Game Commandos 3 Destination Berlin Full Version. In total contrast to what lies ahead , Commandos 3 starts out fairly easy . The two tutorial missions - with one exception - the introduction of smart key member of the squad to command and their highly specialized capabilities . As in Commandos 2 , the interior of the building is fully 3D , and it is possible to smoothly rotate the camera with the mouse wheel . While not the best 3D segments - looking part of the game , this extra control makes it quite comfortable to navigate the narrow space . Scenario soft starter walks you through the basics of the interface , which differ significantly in style from those in a typical strategy or action games . Unless specified manually to provide fire protection , command not act without an explicit command . Move one character at a time is quite simple , although the lack of hotkeys for certain weapons or the ability to be a challenge in tight places . One well-known tutorial fails is that it does not mention that the ability to hide the menu options until it clicked , like the one for the weapon , which confused more than one of us when searching for " distract " the spy capabilities .Download Game Commandos 3 Destination Berlin Full Version. Prolog is a sense of how , with a click of the mouse , the speed of the Green Berets and deadly knife attacks can be overwhelming at close range . And in the span of 15 minutes or more , you will meet other members of the core command ( which has been distilled from the ranks to a core group of Commandos 2 ) : sniper has the longest range of any friendly unit , Sapper is an expert with bombs and heavy weapons , eye - eye can be disguised by the German army uniforms and officers , and the thieves quickly and is able to climb walls and other objects . The sixth member , diver , appeared only once , in the third campaign . One of the advantages of having the number of commandos pared down from the previous game is that there is not to be confused about what each one is for , and if you ever get really confused in the mission , solving the situation can only step back and think about about the special abilities of the commandos are assigned to a particular scenario. You can see more game ''Free Download Command and Conquer GENERALS Full Version | PC Games''.

  • Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista/7RAM: 128 Mb 
  • Graphics: 32 Mb, DirectX 9.0c 
  • Recommended System Requirements : 
  • Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista/7 
  • RAM: 256 Mb 
  • Graphics: 64 Mb, DirectX 9.0c or later


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